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On my first ever trip to Tampa/St. Pete last year, I found this stout glass at Total Wine. I had heard good things about this spiegelau glass as compared to it's IPA brother. Many reviewers have sung its praises, so I had to give it a try. Thanks to the dudes at Brew/Drink/Run for alerting me to this glass a little over a year ago! For this experiment a BellsBrewing Kalamazoo Stout was used in a Cigar City shifter and the Rogue Stout glass. Upon first pour the differences were outstanding. Head retention in the stout glass lasted pretty much until the last sip, while the head dissipated in the snifter by the time it took to snap a photo ( <1 min). I imagine that the wide base and tapering up to the bowl of the glass allows for great head retention through increased airation, but I'm no condensed matter physicist. Aroma- the sniffer smelled very boozy for this 6%ABV while the stout glass smelled of silky smooth chocolate and hints of coffee. The aromatics seemed distinctly separated. Tastes and Mouthfeel- the snifter with it's boozy aroma had a harsh strong alcohol taste. The stout glass was again very silky smooth. The alcohol was not overpowering and the taste of chocolate and coffee were separated with even some licorice. Overall, I am excited to try more beers in this glass as it seemed to have really changed the profile of the beer for the better!

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