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Migration Week

Migration week has commenced here in Savannah, GA.

Every year, Goose Island Beer Company descends upon cities throughout the globe to promote their products to both new and old craft beer enthusiasts. Usually bringing some rare offerings as well as a brewer or two.

Last night was the kick off party at the Georgia State Railroad museum. If you have never been to the museum before, it is a beautiful Historical Landmark and is worth a visit. This night it was decked out with beer, art, food, and music. Local DJ Basik Lee and bluegrass band City Hotel entertained the crowd while we scoped out the painted bourbon barrels by the highly talented artist from Art Rise Savannah. The food was outstanding, prepared by Food Network star Orchid Paulmeier. Orchid, a local chef, expertly puts fire and smoke to meat making some of the best barbeque in the South. Everything was so delicious! My favorite was the perfectly cooked whole pig. My wife enjoyed the barbeque sushi and the popcorn bar.

The gooses that flew down south had a wide range of beers to offer with the crown jewel being the Bourbon County Brand Regal Rye Stout. I had not previously had this variant and loved it, which might have something to do with my recent exposure into the world of rye whiskey. Typically bourbon barrel aged beers are sweet tasting to my wife, but this one is very smooth and with the addition of the sea salt less syrupy sweet so she really enjoyed this variant. After my first taste, it was my refill of choice for the evening.

Regal Rye
Four Star Pils

While we were all drinking delicious beers and stuffing our faces with food, one of the talented artists from Art Rise was painting the last bourbon barrel. It was a true masterpiece depicting the scene for the evening. At the end of the night these barrels were auctioned off with all proceeds going to Art Rise Savannah.

Live Art

Overall it was a great night celebrating with new friends from Chicago and many familiar faces from the beer scene here in Savannah. After having such a great time last night, I'm going to make sure I check out some of the other events they are having this week!

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